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Grid Connect Systems

Enphase has some new products out this year. Already out is the new Battery Ready Monitored Envoy. Enphase are also releasing their lithium batteries in Australia in the 3rd Quarter of 2016. These AC micro-inverter systems are so efficient, easily expandable and are “plug and play” in both domestic and commercial applications. Ask Karen for more information about your business or home installation.

Fronius (European) Inverters are offering an extended warranty until June 2016 on all of their inverters. These inverters are of such a high quality and some of their range is battery ready now.

Battery Update – There are various suppliers such as Enphase, Tesla, Redback and many others working on affordable battery solutions for residential and commercial Grid Connected PV Systems – we will soon see these batteries on our shores ready for installation – saving us even more on our electricity bills!