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SOLAR SYSTEMS – What’s the Difference?

There are three main types of solar systems on the market today.

Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here they are in a nutshell…

1. The Traditional DC String System

This is the “original” type of solar system where panels are installed on the roof, they are wired in a string down to a central inverter. Perfect for non shaded North or East / West roof orientations.  No UPS functionality, battery compatible, battery ready with the purchase of extra hardware.

2. The Hybrid DC String System

This is similar to the Traditional DC  System, however it has the extra functionality of being battery ready.  These inverters also have the capacity to have a “backup” or uninterrupted power supply functionality (UPS).  Great for North or East /West roof orientations.

3. The AC Micro-inverter System

This newer technology system has micro-inverters plugged into the back of each panel and the cabling is wired in parallel, meaning each panel/micro-inverter is essentially it’s own solar system. There is no central inverter in this setup.  This system is also battery ready, however does not have the UPS functionality at this stage.  This system is very flexible – can be installed on roof spaces where possible shading could impact efficiency, or where there are multiple orientations required.

We are happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you invest in the correct system for your home/business.