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There are many products on the market today for solar systems.  It is extremely important to choose wisely and gain as much knowledge as you can. Most panels are made in Asia now and like anything, there is good quality and there is poor quality. We here at Lakeside Electrical are very selective with the products we recommend to our clients, the old sayings “a cheap system will cost you twice as much in the end” and “the cheapest is not always the best” are so true.  Therefore, we only select the best. A few of the products we recommend are:


DC Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

AC Micro-Inverters

When receiving quotes, ensuring you are comparing “apples with apples” not “oranges with apples” is so important.


Quality of workmanship and design need to be one of your top priorities.  Lakeside Electrical ensure quality of workmanship on EVERY installation.  We ensure your investment is working most efficiently with a customised design for your home or business. We warranty our workmanship for 10 years.  References can be supplied upon request.