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Australian Solar Council Conference 2016

Paul and Karen attended the Australian Solar Council Conference in May 2016 in Melbourne. This conference showcased many manufacturers in the solar industry with the main focus being energy storage.

The next few years are going to be an exciting time for end users of PV Solar Energy with leading manufacturers working on the best “recipe” for high quality, efficient battery storage and hence competitive pricing will follow.

Some of the front runners of Solar Hybrid Inverters and Storage are:

  • Redback Technologies
    Redback Technologies is an Australian company focused on the development of advanced, low cost energy solutions for residential and commercial consumers. Offering up to 6KW’s of solar power input, UPS and backup power all-in-one, compatible with a variety of batteries, Redback is a cost effective solution for many.
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  • Enphase Energy
    Enphase Energy is an American company based in California offering tried and tested Micro-inverter technology. This forward thinking company is introducing their Lithium battery storage to Australia around August 2016. This easily expandable solar system and battery storage is unlike traditional solar systems. Each Micro-inverter plugs directly into the solar panel so if there is dirt, shade or a problem panel, it is only that panel that is affected, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly.
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  • Power Diverter
    Another very interesting technology that has emerged onto the Australian market is the Power Diverter for those with existing solar systems. Powerdiverter’s smart sensor continuously monitors the power usage within the home and when it detects excess solar electricity exporting back to the grid, it automatically sends this excess power to the heating element within your hot water storage tank and then stores this energy as hot water. Powerdiverter will vary this excess power throughout the day depending on what excess power is available until the water within the tank is up to temperature. No plumbing required! Just ask us here at Lakeside Electrical.
  • Fronius Australia
    Fronius is another highly respected European manufacturer throughout the world for their exceptional quality inverters, including Hybrid Inverters. For those residential or commercial premises with 3Phase power and looking at a solar system with battery storage, the Symo Hybrid is definitely a product to investigate. Fronius’ vision is “24 Hour sun” which this Symo Hybrid Energy Storage system shows with inverters ranging in size from 3.0KW to 5.0KW. Fronius also have a wide variety of Traditional DC string inverters to suit every need both residential or commercial.

Whether you want battery storage now or into the future, battery ready solar systems are here. Talk to Karen for your obligation free site inspection today.